Holiday Closings
April 10,2020 at 12:00pm – Closed for Good Friday
Monday May 25,2020 – Closed for Memorial Day
Friday July 3, 2020 – Closed for Independence Day
Monday September 7, 2020 – Closed for Labor Day

Annual Meeting – Canceled
Due to the Coronavirus VA Pittsburgh Employee FCU's annual meeting is canceled for 3-20-20 and will be rescheduled at a later date when this has come to an end.

Share Account
A share account can only have 6 transfers in a month by web, phone, or automatic per share account after that the item will be returned because it is not a share draft account. You may do as many transfers in person as needed.

Please make a note all accounts with a paper mailed statement has a $2.00 mailing fee each month, quarter or yearly. The only way to waive this fee is to have e-statements on your computer.

Forwarding Address
It is imperative that we have correct phone numbers and addresses otherwise when mail gets returned there is a $1.50 fee for change of address and if there is no forwarding address there is a $5.00 fee.

Love My Credit Union

Turbo Tax